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3-8 Years

5 - 10 Lakhs


AsDesign / Sr. Design Engineer - NPD - Oil Free Air StandardPlus,your mission is to participate in custom design projects with an engineering point of view while ImprovingTime to Marketand driving thetechnical competenceof GECIA teams with asolution-centric approach. You shall achieve this, by developing your competence and by reorienting your energy towardsProduct Innovation, technology platformsmaintainingOn-time DeliveryFirst Time Right Approach. As a Design / Sr. Design Engineer, you need to plan project execution with the objective of delivering projects within the estimated time and quality standards within the limits of GECIAs structure, processes, and guidelines. Key Responsibilities Customer Focus Understand the project requirements and work content based on the inputs received. Ensure GECIA s contribution to improve Time to Market. Communicate progress and deliverable updates to the stakeholders, raise red flags and highlight any concerns to all stakeholders. Demonstrate GECIA s contribution to custom design Projects. Monitor deliverables with adherence to SOPs, resolve technical issues raised. Communicate with various other competences like Electrical Design, Calculation team, Technical Literature team, Project Engineering, Vendors etc. Ensure that designs are reviewed by design reviewer prior releasing the same. Take an active part in the Engineering team to support the release of all Engineering deliverables linked to the project. People Focus Adhere to the Team spirit towards Driving Customer Success Improving Business results. Instill CAN DO; WILL DO attitude in yourself. Maintain a positive team moral with an open atmosphere of teamwork and co-operation. Technology Focus Nurture innovative ideas and focus improvements in the product performance, cost, life, reliability, Sustainability. Promote use of advance manufacturing techniques while designing new products. Promote sharing best practices across all custom design teams. Product Focus Create Promote use of reusable components, product platforms, Sub-assemblies, Modular Designs. Operational Excellence Suggest different CAD automation / Customization projects to automate repeated processes to improve the quality. To succeed, you will need Experience Knowledge Requirement: Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Mechanical or Production) with a minimum of 3-8 years of Experience Sound Knowledge about Compressors, blowers, dryers, filters, heat exchangers Knowledge of International standards like ASME and CE, API Knowledge about Design of Skid packages for compressor would be an added advantage. Will be able to work on most complex OEM projects. Experience in project planning, estimating on time delivery. Knowledge of Sheet metal, Piping design, Flange selection, heavy fabrication. Experience in Motor support design, Alignment/Fitment checks Experience in 3D layout creation, detailed Engineering drawing creation Experience of doing design calculations at component level. Should have basic understanding of P ID, Valves, Pressure Temperature Gauges Experience of working on CAD software like Inventor PLM system Enovia. Experience on ERP (BPCS) system, Item creation BOM preparation. Personality requirements: Excellent communication skills Sense of urgency Committed team player with learning attitude. Capable of working under time pressure to respect deadlines Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously. Problem-solving ability. Systematic in planning and monitoring progress of projects.

3-7 Years

4 - 8 Lakhs


Building Automation System engineering for Heating, Ventilation, Airconditioning (HVAC) systems for various buildings across verticals such as commercialbuildings, hospitals, universities, residential complex, schools etc. using company stools, softwares and operating protocols. Build and provide a complete control engineering package independentlyand perform QC (Self/Peers) to ensure that the customer requirements are met submitting engineering package to Project Manager. Other responsibilitiesinclude, overseeing project work done by peers to ensure overall qualitydeliverables and customer satisfaction at every stage of the project. Effectively handle global projectsin Building Automation System (BAS) for assigne zones/regions/country. Understand projectrequirements and based on that provide a complete controls engineerging packagefor HVAC systems ensuring smooth project execution as per regional standards. Designengineering and quality check for complex HVAC building control systems. Ensuring standardQC checklist and processes are followed for self-engineering drawings and drawingsdone by peers and submitting high quality design packages to Team Lead orProject Lead. Ensure flawlessprogramming on-time project delivery with utmost quality. Ensure projectexecutions are on track and provide periodic updates on the status to projectowner/lead. Identify project risksand raise flags to team leader in time. Your successis grounded in: Engineering Degree in Instrumentation Work experience 3 to 7 years for Hardware/systemDesign in the domain of building technology(specifically for HVAC controls). Knowledge of BMS fundamentals HVAC equipment slike AHUs, FCUs, VAVs, Water and Air Cooled Chillers, Boilers etc. Knowledge of BMS field deivices and controllers. Efficient Abilityto communicate confidently in English - written and spoken.

2-6 Years

4 - 9 Lakhs


Creating tread pattern and cavity layout designs for TBR category meeting project timeline and customer requirements. Major Responsibilities: Product design and development in TBR category (Cavity, Tread pattern Layout preparation) and validation through Simulation group. Preparing design input requirements based on Customer Voice. Preparation of input for Mould design. Benchmark product study analysis. Noise analysis in respective design areas and new iterations as per the results. Competitor tread pattern analysis and preparation of design inputs. Participation in Design FMEA preparation. Product performance study in field for specific defect analysis. Preparation of physical test reports analysis. Parametric technique development for tread pattern, layout and cavity for TBR category. Preparations of design documents for TBR. Cross Functional Activities :- Coordination with PDM, Simulation Team and testing team for design validation. Participating in CFT for TBR projects. Supporting product marketing with POS material inputs. Skills: a) 3D software- CATIA NX. b) Parametric Design knowledge. d) Good collaborative, Interpersonal, and communication skills. f) Creativity and innovation aptitude. Relevant Experience: 5-7 years of experience in Tyre design and development. Education Qualification(s): Graduate Post Graduate engineer in Mechanical, Automobile or Polymer Technology.

3-5 Years

4 - 6 Lakhs


In charge of Eco design for tenders projects Feed the Environmental Management System (ISO14001) with eco design input and activities Manage improve environmental performance of products Contribute to Ecodesign RD and to expertise continuous improvement Organisation Reporting Functional: Business Eco design Manager and Eco-design director Hierarchical: DIS Eco design Manager for Eco design engineers based in VBN Department Head - Electronics Hardware HYD Others units: Various Network Links Internal Eco-design community CCNL Eco design Platform Director Tenders and Project teams Sourcing Purchasing Engineering EHS Performance Measurement/KPI s Ecodesign activities on TP. On Time Delivery Ecodesign studies for RD. On Time Delivery Customer satisfaction Responsibilities Environmental Management System ISO14001: Propose Ecodesign yearly commitment and work plan Propose and follow eco design dashboard for solutions/products Contribute to EMS and its processes. Realise compliance assessment Ecodesign Referential :Deploy and apply eco design referential in TP, RD, Expertise activities TP main missions Ensure Ecodesign expertise for local platform, subsystems, tenders and projects Perform Ecodesign activities on tenders (contractual and legal requirements analysis and positioning) Prepare Ecodesign management plan and specifications (train, compo or signalling level) Participate to design (train, compo or signalling level) in order to insure achievement of eco design commitments (Participate to relevant DR and GR meeting, propose corrective actions and risk mitigation plan) Realise and update Eco design studies until delivery of the last train Implement relevant Eco design RD and CCN results in projects RD main missions(if assigned to RD missions) Propose, lead and manage RD actions in the context of product improvement and/or methodologies for Ecodesign within QCD commitment. Develop innovative methodologies to be applied as a standard in the design process of products and solutions. Expertise continuous improvement main missions Propose Support Eco design managers and CCN leader for updating and developing ecodesign referential Propose and support Ecodesignreferent and CCN leader with continuous REX to improve the relevant methodologies Report to Ecodesign Managers and CCN leaders burning issues (technical or methodological) Ensure training awareness actions to non-Eco design people and/or to Ecodesign engineer Competencies Skills International Standards and Regulation knowledge for environmental issues (hazardous substances, environmental communication, energy efficiency, end-of-life ) Skills in environmental assessment (LCA, bilan carbone ) and related tool Good communication skills, pro-activity, team working English conversational/writing/reading advanced level mandatory

3-7 Years

4 - 8 Lakhs

Bengaluru / Bangalore

Design of Parts Assembly in Wheels Brakes Function. The candidate shall be able to : Prepare design input sheet considering quality characteristics of the system and product from TQT HOQ. Prepare CAD model using design guidelines. Optimize for part commonization, part count. Verify design for DFX- design for assy, mfg, cost reliability. Conduct functional design review for a part/sub system using check lists and provide feedback. Identify quality, cost and weight gap against targets. Use simulation techniques to identify the failure modes and take corrective action. Conduct packaging and interfacing checks. Understand the interaction between different systems of Two wheelers. Verify the design against known failure modes, past product problems , DFMEA, DFM, DFA requirements. Understand empherical relationship between quality characteristics and multiple part characteristics/process parameters. Incorporate special characteristics derived from AQ MBQ. Understand best in class products/subsystems and technology involved. Prepare drawings and release for manufacturing. Choose appropriate materials for given functions and applications. Understand rationale for choosing a particular material for given parts. Prepare BOM with every drawing release. Understand process parameters that are important to achieve part characteristics. Understand capability of chosen processes with reference to specifications and tolerances. Conduct FMEA for product and processes and act on the potential failure modes. Solve problem at functional level by eliminating all causes.