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2-5 Years

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Role responsibilities Understanding Design documents and going through all - PId, Processes Contribution to making control philosophy, Operational Philosophy, and other standard documents required before starting the plant. Preparation of SOP, work instructions (WI) Preparation of safety documents like Hazor, and HIRA study. Preparing documents of wash water reuse, powder reuse, and other quality-related documents. Ordering of materials required in production sample trolly, sampler, QK-20, cleaning system, flexible pipe, and other tools required in processing, RMG, and QA Lab. Verification of field Equipment installation as per PID. Coordination with Egg. team, Field round to ensure no fouling and proper clearance for normal operation. Making documents related to the working of critical equipment to impart training to freshers. Supporting Engg team in Hot loop and cold loop testing Ensuring proper housekeeping in each block before the start-up of the block. Helping in hydro testing and ensuring no traces of water inside the pipeline Raw Material flushing inside the pipeline and taking quality approval. Ensuring Proper cleaning of all process and storage equipment and packing line before start of production. Stabilization of FG and RM QA lab. Training related to SAP, MES and DCS.

1-5 Years

2 - 6 Lakhs


General and Task Management Coordinate all project elements including engineering design, quality planning, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and final buy-offphases Manage the project withinbudget Plan project requirements and resources, including the sourcing of sub-contractelements, etc. React promptly and effectively to changing client andproduct needs Anticipate any potential project risks, identifying and establishingcorrective actions Produce deliverables on-time to customer requirements, clarifying theserequirements where necessary Define the customer specification into either a departmental action or sub-contractor order Track tasks against the project timing plan Be willing and available to work at company and customer premises as required Undertake special projects as required Contribute to continuous improvement activities Quality control of work by appropriate reviews Support and lead process improvement activities Write reports and present progress at project meetings and to clients Plan projects or subtasks so they may be tracked and presented Attend various meetings and action/communicate instructions Skills and Attributes: Able to read and understand engineering drawings Ability to understand and translate product drawings into process information

1-5 Years

1 - 6 Lakhs

Bengaluru / Bangalore

Operate production line. Assemble goods on the production department. Sorting packaging of products. Their duties include using precision tools, inspecting parts, attaining production goals, maintaining the workplace clean and safe, and reducing errors. Key Responsibilities: Process Optimization: Continuously analyze and improve production processes to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and increase output. Quality Assurance: Implement quality control measures to ensure products meet or exceed industry standards and customer specifications. Production Planning: Collaborate with production planning and scheduling teams to ensure smooth and efficient workflow, on-time deliveries, and minimal downtime. Equipment Maintenance: Monitor and maintain production equipment to ensure optimal performance and minimal disruptions. Schedule regular maintenance and repairs as needed. Cost Reduction: Identify opportunities for cost reduction through process improvements, resource optimization, and waste reduction initiatives. Safety Compliance: Ensure that all production processes adhere to safety regulations and guidelines. Implement safety measures to minimize accidents and injuries. Documentation: Maintain accurate records of production data, process changes, and equipment maintenance. Generate reports for analysis and decision-making. Training: Provide training and guidance to production staff on new processes, equipment, and safety protocols.