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Basic understanding of crash safety requirements and various regulations in India and outside. Strong basic engineering fundamentals and vehicle crashworthiness. Occupant FE model updates including positioning different dummies, Belt routing and seat foam squashing. Declaration of simulation startegy, plan and CAE analysis timeline for various CAE activities Provide feedback based on occupant kinematics and countermeasures to design teams based on ocuupant simulations. Development of restraint systems (seat belt, airbags,seats, steering column etc) for meet ing crashworthiness targets using CAE tools like LS-DYNA. Create analysis report to highlight current status of performance target achievement and improvement required. Establishing correlation between simulation model test for fidderent crash loadcases. Application of DOE techniques to solve crashworthiness problems. Review crash simulation guidelines and create guidelines for n ew procedures/ simulations Benchmarking study of competitors productsm. Crash test data analysis for full vehicle, subsystem and component level tests. Responsible for Consolidation prioritization for styling, package performance feasibilitie Good domain knowledge of vehicle interior systems like cockpit, steering, interior trims, seats. Sound knowledge of vehicle pass ive safety systems and its functions Proficiency in following CAE tools or equivalent Altair Hypermesh O asys Primer, THIS, D3plot LS Dyna

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Why the positions exist What will happen if there is no one in the position (no one performs the work) A) Develop and deliver on external aero and Underwater thermal attributes for ongoing and new vehicle development Programs in a virtual domain. Role includes, Interpret CFD results from external aerodynamics, thermal management, and heat exchanger's performance point of view to identify issues and implement/suggest cost-effective solutions. Provide accurate and detailed reports of CFD results, providing recommendations. Develop Methods Process to enhance external aero and Underhood thermal domain simulation attribute coverage in the virtual simulation domain. Coordinate analysis activities on a day-to-day basis with concerned stakeholders. B) Not having such a position will hinder vehicle product development and the organization will deliver non-optimized products w.r.t external aero and Underhood thermal domain. This will also limit the development of new competency in digital space and curtail innovative culture. Organizations will lose their competitive edge in the market due to initiatives like the right first time, shorter product timeline, new forever, and WCQ. Key Responsibilities: S.N. Key Responsibility Key Tasks Measures 1) Co-ordinate analysis activities on a day-to-day basis Support digital validation activities on a day-to-day basis - SOW management on a daily basis. Assure quality of deliverables. Track, and monitor delivery as per daily schedule. Technical delivery of digital validation activities on a daily basis - Execute as per defined processes to deliver results with the right quality. Work out feasible design solutions along with design COC for all identified risks. Attend relevant meetings for projects. Support by simulation activities to assess what-if scenarios for comparative studies of design concepts. PDSR score Number of reports 2) Ensure quality completeness of inputs/outputs for I-source/ ODC projects. Thorough checking of SOW and inputs Check the quality of inputs for I-source/ODC projects on a daily basis as per process documents. Check completeness of inputs for I-source/ODC projects on a daily basis as per process documents. Thorough quality checks of results and reports received from I-source and ODC. Timely closure of projects. Number of quality issues skipped 3) Support process methods development Support process improvement initiatives Support process automation tasks. Support process documentation tasks. Support method development initiatives Execute assigned tasks regarding methods development. Perform correlation activity - test Vs. CFD results to find the CFD model/methods while collecting relevant data from the test Number of core capability projects. The number of process automation projects. Number of technical papers/IPRs % Correlation